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Sunday, July 13, 2008

28 Weeks

Been through hell the last couple of months.
Survived 16 weeks of morning sickness and nausea.
Moved into our new home.
Went furniture shopping and dealt with some nasty contractors.
Vacationed in Phuket.
Found a domestic helper.
Settled Letitia into her new school.

Now I am 28 weeks along and preparing for the birth of my second child. The preparation is off course anything but smooth sailing. The massage lady that I used when I had Letitia was not willing to travel to my new home. she said "No MRT" so I offered to pay her more and she said "You give birth already than call la" So do I take that as yes she is going to come and give me my post natal massage or should I look for someone else.....hmmmm.......

Not to mention the Agent that I used to find me a confinement nanny...seems to be very distracted. I informed her that I needed a confinement nanny when I was 8 weeks pregnant and until about 3 weeks she had not done anything. So I had to go look for another Agent. What is going on?????

I have been so over whelmed by events and things happening over the last few months, my shopping list is still 2 pages long and it is getting longer everyday. I won't mention names but a chain of drama mama events that included someone running away from home, someone getting stabbed in the finger with a fork, a run away dog and me being pissed off cos I had to deal with so many things even though I was pregnant and suffering.

Hopefully as I enter the last trimester of my pregnancy I will be able to finally get the nursery sorted out and enjoy my last few weeks of sleep.