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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Everything else in between

I am pondering on life.

The meaning of it and its purpose.

D's cousin passed away on Sunday after a long battle with cancer.

He was 34.

When we arrive into this world we do not decide.

Nor when we will depart.

But everything else in between is in your hands.

Have a great life, make it count.

I will live a wonderful life from this day.

When the time comes for me to leave.

Celebrate the good that I have done and the great life that I lived.

Friday, April 24, 2009


A friend of mine whom I got to know in graduate school a decade ago dropped me a mail yesterday. She asked me about my blog and hopes that I will continue to write. I have been thinking all evening after that mail. I haven't been blogging because I really have nothing much to say these days. hahahahha.....yes I have nothing say.

I don't have the same intense frustrations that I felt when I first became a mother. I sure hope it's because I am getting better at it. No it doesn't get any easier, I suppose I can deal with it better. I have developed really good selective hearing over the years and I also learnt that sometimes babies are best left alone when they cry. They are babies off course they cry and as long as they are not in any life endangering situation....errmm...it's okay to continue eating your dinner or go to toilet. Or maybe I am so use to the lack of sleep from the first child waking up in the middle of the night is half as bad. Still dog tired, still feel like I got hit by a bus in the morning but I deal with it a lot better. It could also be that I have a live in domestic helper now and I don't have to mop the floor anad scrub the toilets.

Savitha my dear friend, this entry is for you. Hope that it will provide you some form of sanctuary as you go about your daily life knowing some where out there a couple of thousand kilometers away in a little island called Singapore, there is someone thinking of you and pretty much going through the same thing. So the next time you are awake at 3am look out your window and maybe I would be looking at the same star too.