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Monday, June 25, 2007

You can do it!

I have a friend who just gave birth to twins. Identical baby girls. She has all the support that a new mother would die for. She lives with her mother. Has a live in domestic helper that cooks, washes and cleans. On top of that she has a nanny that takes care of her twin girls 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Okay! Her husband works in some central Asian central (I not sure which one, I think its the Borat one) and only return once every 3 months. But all the support that she has sure makes up for the lack of a husband! All she needs to do is produce milk and feed her babies.

Here's the problem! She has been whining for the last 6 weeks since she popped that she doesn't have milk! Oh dear! But is there really such a thing as no milk! I do understand where she is coming from she does have 2 babies to feed instead of one.

So my dear hang in there! You can do it! Demand equals supply so you have to persevere. Wish you best of luck and success!

I want my body back!

I went bikini shopping over the weekend and to my horror! My post baby body looks like CRAP! YA! Off course it doesn't help that I am in my mid thirties. I am starting to lose the fight against gravity. I am not producing enough collagen and gone with the wind is my elasticity.

As I stood in the fitting room, staring at my over hanging belly. I wanted to cry! That was before I turned around and saw my OVER HANGING BUTT CHEEKS! Yeeeaaakkkss................ What happened to my perky little bums! I have 2 saggy pieces of meat covered in stretch marks.

I want my old body back! The one that I flaunted in the tiniest of bathing suits, the one that I had about a decade ago. The one that is not covered stretch marks and the one that defies gravity.

Anyway I bought the bikini hoping that I will one day be able to pluck up enough courage to wear it. I did wear it though......under my t-shirt..... and I sat on the bench while Letitia and Dave were splashing around in the pool.

Boo Hoo.......

However.... all is not lost. Over the weekend I saw that many women out there also put their own insecurities aside and were having a good time. So maybe next week I will take the plunge and show the rest of the world my BODY.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Single parenting

Entering third week of sleep deprivation.
Having perpetual headache.
Eye bags are the size of Africa.
Never seen darker dark eye circles.
Shoulder has frozen up and neck is stiff.

Foul mood swings.
Raging tempers.
In fact I feel menopausal.
Hardly have energy to breathe.
Can't even have a conversation without yelling.

So tired going to collapse and die from exhaustion.
Hope I don't pass out.
Haven't sleep for more more than 3 hours a night for the last 3 weeks.
All alone.
Can't take much more.
Six more days.


Monday, June 04, 2007


Grandpa and Grandma: Looking Letitia. We bought you something.
Letitia: Toys!

5 minutes later

Letitia: Walk walk. Outside.
Grandma: Okay, let's go for a walk.
Grandma: Stop running you will fall. Hold my hand.

Letitia covers both ears with her hands, glares at my mother with the corner of her eyes.

Grandma: I buy you toys and take you out for walk. How can you be so rude. I am really sad.
Letitia: NO! GONG GONG PAY! (grandpa paid for the toys not you)

Grandma defeated! Letitia comes running home. "Mummy! Bao Bao!"

My Letitia is back. Back with a vengence!

Mummy carrying 4 bags of groceries. Panting. Screaming,"Let's go Letitia! The bags are heavy and I can't carry you right now."

Letitia," NO! Bao Bao!"

10 minutes later still standing in the carpark.

Mummy: Letitia let's go. I am leaving with or without you.

Using the bags of groceries I had to push her from behind. With every nudge she walked ONE step. Tears flowings and yelling.

15 minutes later. Finally home. Took me 25 minutes to get from the car to my door.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Where is Papa?

What do you tell a 2 year old child when she asks where her Papa is? How do you make her understand that he will be gone for the next half a month.

She must have asked me a million times where her Papa is since he left for France last night.

Here is my answer to her:

"Papa has gone to work."
"On a plane plane."
"To a far far away place."
"He will be back in soon."

And her responses will always be, " Papa where? Papa sleeping?"