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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hair will grow

About 6 months ago when I first started this blog, one of my major concern was that my baby didn't have hair on the top and front of her head.

There were many over zealous aunties and uncles who all had their two cents worth to say about her hair. Telling me to do the darnest things to my baby's hair. But I had faith that it will grow and I hang in there.

Two years on and I can finally say baby has hair. It is coming out slowly but surely. No brandy, no shaving, no coconut oil nothing.

But I have new concern! Or rather strangers have a new concern. I have coffee shop attendants asking me how come she has so little hair! Hello! Mind you that fellow was a bloke! Can you imagine a middle aged man asking me why my child has so little hair! I just roll my eyes and walk away most of the time.

In supermarkets, I have cashiers telling me that things like," She got very little hair hor?"

Anyway, once again to all you concerned people out there who are wondering why my off spring has very little hair.......... I HAVE FREAKING NO IDEA! But it will grow. It's just hair!

Somethings I really wonder if all these people out there have nothing else better to say... so they just make up something to say for the sake of conversation. But you know the thing about these people, nothing good ever comes out of their mouth. When they have to say something they will criticise and find faults rather than praise or give a compliment.

So WORLD may I present Letitia with pig tails............. who says you need hair!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Wet pants

Letitia enjoying inflight entertainment on her way back home.

It was a relatively good trip for us, other than Letitia wetting her pants everyday. Because she as running around so much we didn't really have time to check her diaper. So word of caution bring lots of pants. She wet her first pair in the plane ride there while she was seated on her Dad's lap.....ha.... wetting his pants as well.

The second day she wet herself in the cab while she was on my mother's lap....ha... wetting my mother's pants as well.

We got a break on the third day.....it was wet pants free day. Hey! It was her birthday! No wonder she didn't wet her pants.

On the fourth day she wet herself again......this time she didn't include anyone else in the equation. I must say I was relatively lucky not to have been peed on my daughter.

She didn't really liked the food there, she would shake her head violently and say," No no no no no no.... you eat!" It was either too salty or too oily or too whatever.......her royal divaness didn't like what she tasted.

Checking out Donal Duck.

Sore feet, backaches and Dark eye circles

We made back from Hong Kong barely in one piece. My feet are aching from walking 12 hours a day, my back is sore from carrying a 15kg child and I have really bad dark eye circles from sleep deprivation.

I woke up at 6.00am to finish packing and we finally got to our destination at about 4.00pm. Everyone was exhausted by the time we made our way to Disneyland. Letitia was so exhausted she fell asleep during the fireworks display.

Breakfast at the Disneyland Hotel was good, they had an excellent buffet spread. From your usual bacon and eggs to Japanese soba and even Chinese congee in 4 different flavours. They also have Disney themed plastic plates and cutlery for children. The free shuttle bus that runs like clock work arrives every 2 to 3 mins and takes you from your hotel to the Park within minutes. We got to the Park it was another day of riding on Winnie the Pooh rides and Carousels. Buying Mickey Mouse memorabilia and spending money on nonsense like balloons that we threw away because we couldn't take it along with us.

The Disneyland Hollywood Hotel is a really child friendly hotel. They even provide bed guards in the room to prevent your child from tumbling over in their sleep. They also provide mini bath robes and mini bed room slippers complete with Mickey logos that you can take home at the end of your stay. Even the shower curtains are covered with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Highly recommended for people with young children. But expect to pay!!!!! It's located about 20 mins bus ride from Hong kong International Airport. And about 30 mins cab ride from the city. You can also take the MTR down town.

But the biggest surprise for me was even the puddings that they serve for dessert are cut out into the shape of Mickey's head. Ya! I had a Mickey over load.

Letitia spent her second birthday in a noisy yum cha restaurant somewhere in Hong Kong. One of those you see in the movies where everyone is shouting and you can't Even hear yourself speak.

A mango gelato cake decorated with an elephant made of candy... this darn thing cost me 200HKD. It was quiet tiny. So Happy Birthday my darling!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Life Oh Life

Dave's Grandma passed away last Monday. They held a 5 day wake for her. It was the largest funeral I have even been too. The funeral occupied the entire void deck. Ah Ma had 10 children, 30 grandchildren and about 20 great grandchildren. It took 4 coaches just to get the immediate family to the crematorium. She was 93 years old.

This made me wonder how life would be like for Letitia when Dave and I are finally gone from this earth. She will be alone! That thought really scared me and kind of put certain things into perspective for me. NO! I am not about to run off and have another baby immediately. But it has gotten me thinking.

Enough of the sad stuff.

My baby will be Two in a couple of days and we are off to Hong Kong Disneyland tomorrow. I pray for a safe flight and good weather. I also pray for a well behaved toddler. She has been having hives the last week because she is allergic to prawns. She broke out in rash that spread throughout her body. It was kind of my fault I feed her something from a seafood platter that we were eating. But how the hell am I suppose to know that she is allergic to prawns!!!! She is okay with crab, so I assumed that she should be okay with prawns too.

Wish me luck! As I go for an adventure of a life time...............

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

2 years on...

This time 2 years ago, I weighed about 81kg. Had legs the size of pigs trotter. Was suffering from severe backaches. Had insomnia. I remember tell myself can't wait for the baby to come out. I was in so much physical pain and discomfort I was just lying in bed all day.

A good friend who had just given birth 6 months earlier told me to be careful what I wished for. She said that when baby comes out you will wish that you can put her back inside. I didn't quite understood what she meant than.

2 years on and I am back to my normal weight, no longer suffering from insomnia but the backaches never went away. My baby will be turning TWO in a couple of weeks. I look at her and find it hard to imagine that just not so long ago, she was this helpless little creature that could only cry. She still cries....... hell of a lot but she can now feed herself, pick out her own shoes and run around.

As she becomes more independent with each passing day, I know the day will come when she will no longer need me the way she needs me now. The thought of her being able to take care of herself worries and scares me as much as it delights me. I can't imagine my baby growing up, graduating, bringing home her first boyfriend, moving out and getting married.

At the end of the day I hope that I would have done enough to bring her up well, so that she can be trusted to make the right decisions in life and bear the consequences of her own actions. Dave, however, has a totally different idea of parenting though. He says that he is going to stalk her when she goes out, intimidate her boyfriends and give her curfews till she is 30. I not sure if he was joking when he said all that. He was even entertaining the idea of sending her off to a convent some where in Ireland where the nearest town is about 4 hours drive away.

So as I embark on the next stage of my journey as mother to a toddler, I look back at all the memories and was glad that I was there every step of the way. I wouldn't have given it up for anything in the world. But this doesn't mean that I will do it again anytime soon. Am still trying to harness enough courage to think about having another child. Ya even the thought of having another baby is just too tiring.