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Friday, March 30, 2007


Today is one of those days where your child cries all day for no apparent reason. Letitia is in the crying MOOD.

She won't leave me alone.....Won't be left alone. She won't let me do anything except sit next to her and attend to her very wish and command.

She cried when I tried to read the newspaper.

She cried when I was reading my email.

She cried when I was taking a shower.

She cried when I was doing the laundry.

She cried when I was making lunch.

She cried everytime she didn't see me.

She cried everytime I didn't asnwer her.

Everytime I wasn't in sight she will call out for me and I had to answer. She refuse to come with me to do my chores and insisted on watching tele on my bed in my room.

She would call out for me every 30 seconds.... I bull shit you not. If I failed to reply her she will cry!!!!! Can you imagine I had to answer her about 78 times will I was trying to hang the laundry.

I finally lost it and screamed back at her........ She cried! Now I am trying to bring my blood pressure down by ignoring her for a while.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I have been brought to my knees by a 88cm tall person. The 15kg person that I carried for 38 weeks and gave birth too. This little mini me... is twice the MONSTER I was at her age! She not only looks like me, she has my personality and she has my temper.

This morning while I was brushing her teeth, I gave her a cup filled with water to hold. She was suppose to rinse her mouth after I was done. BUT SHE EMPTIED THE ENTIRE CUP OF WATER OVER MY HEAD! The best part...... she laughed!

I was so shocked I didn't know what to do. I wanted to scream at her but all I could do was laugh with her. For the record, this is the first time someone has poured anything over my head! I probably would have bashed that some one's face if this would have happened to me 3 years ago. Not to mention the long train of vulgarities that would have flowed from my mouth.
So all I have to say is that motherhood is the most humbling experience a woman can ever possibly go through.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Gummy Gummy

Took Letitia to the clinic on Monday morning because her gums were red puffy and bleeding. The doctor didn't know what was going on and told me to take her to a dentist. She gave me the number to the pediatric dental clinic in NUH, prescribed some paste which Letitia spits out every time I try to medicate her.

Anyway, I called the clinic and was told that the earliest appointment was more than 2 weeks away. I asked the nurse what I was suppose to do until Letitia sees the dentist. I described to her the situation and she told me that even though the gums was bleeding I still had to brush it. I will only make the situation worst if I didn't brush it, because more germs will get stuck there and make matters worst. I was told to rub the swelling with salt water as well. Okay fine. I'll do just that.

That evening I decided to take Letitia to a private dentist. I was told that it was not serious and it was a localised bacteria infection of the milk canine. What ever that means! In layman terms gums swollen tooth not going to fall out.

Today NUH called saying there was a cancellation and that if I wanted I could see the dentist in the afternoon at 3.00pm. HUH! I told her I wanted to keep the original appointment. We just saw a dentist last night.

She called again in the afternoon and said that she had to move my original appointment another week because the dentist was not available. DUH!

I will wait another 3 weeks if the gums are still swollen I will take her to NUH for a check up.

By the way dental check ups can be rather fun for toddlers. The parent lies on the dentist chair with the child on top and the mirror on a stick thingy that they put into their mouths amazes them more than it scares them. I was rather surprised that Letitia didn't cry. She usually kicks up a fuss everytime she sees the doctor.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Taxis, Sale and broken forehead

11.50am - Blazing hot sun, Letitia and Me sweating like pigs waiting for a taxi.

12.15pm - Still in the blazing hot sun. No cab in sight. Where the hell are all the cabs?

12.20pm - Called for a taxi. Automated booking system says taxi will be here in 5 mins.

12.25pm - Stupid taxi I booked drives right pass us. I wave frantically. He waves back and drives on...What an idiot!

12.26pm - I call taxi company to try and tell them the damn cab has got the location wrong. I had a sweating 22 mth child with me and I was carrying a diaper bag. Couldn't run after the stupid taxi. Was put on hold.

12.30pm - Another taxi drives pass. I flag it down and left.

12.31pm - Stupid taxi driver calls me on my mobile. I scolded him!

1.00pm - Isetan Scotts. Sale going on about 5000 people in the building. All entrances blocked except the main entrance. Walked round to the front to get in. Went up escalator trying to get to restaurant for lunch.

1.05pm - Cannot figure out how to get to 4th floor where the restaurant is.....asked someone. Person didn't know.

1.10pm - Finally found someone to show me the way to the restaurant. All the entrances and exits were blocked. Accept for this tiny gap on the 4th floor that leads to the restaurants. You needed to James Bond to be able to find the damn thing.

1.15pm - Lunch.

2.00pm - Had to fight about 5000 aunties but I needed to buy something. It was on sale and I was determined to buy it, was not going to suffer the last 2 hours for nothing. As if the situation was not bad enough... Miss Diva complains that her diaper is wet. I had to change her in the middle of the kids department becos I was too tired to fight my way to the changing room. And after that she starts having a itchy fit and my Dad suggested that I cut her dress so that her neck line was not so tight. What kind of suggestion is that? duh! Sometimes i really wonder....? By the way my parents met us there for lunch.

3.00pm - Car Park... 8th floor of Shaw centre. My father forgot where he parked the car! I am still wondering....

Fast forward. .............

9.00pm - Coffeeshop in Jurong. Letitia runs, trips, lands on the floor and cuts her forehead on the utensil trolley of the tim sum store. Blood, screams, cries! Drama! Everyone looking.

9.15pm - At home applying cold compress to head to prevent swelling. Apply antiseptic cream. Put plaster.

9.30pm - Letitia seems to have forgotten the pain. In the bathroom jumping around and kicks the corner of the glass shower screen. Screams, cries, yells.......

10.45pm - Finally the end of a very very long day.

The stars must have been out of cosmic alignment for me today!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tuesday Adventure

Oh Boy!

Today started out like any other ordinary Tuesday, same crap different day. But never in my wildest dream would I ever imagine today would turn out to be such eventful day.

Dave, Letitia and me got locked in the master bedroom. Yes! All 3 of us got stuck in my bedroom. Dave had just got home from work and was taking a shower. My parents the permanent residents here were outside watching TV in the living room. Letitia had insisted that she come into our room to get a piece of the action.

As usual half way through she decided that she wanted to go outside to be with her grandparents and started banging at the door. So I opened the door to let her out. But she being her... decided that she didn't want to go out anymore. So she slammed the door shut and BROKE THE LOCK.

Anyway, about 40 mins later...... after a pair of broken pliers and badly twisted fork we managed to dismantle the lock. Thanks goodness my parents were outside. They were the ones that passed us the pliers and fork.

Throughout the entire ordeal Letitia being the kaypoh that she is stuck her nose and finger into everything. She kept saying,"door stuck stuck" it was rather hilarious actually.

The evidence: door with hole

The evidence: one broken door knob and lock

Now I am paraniod that Letitia's room door will get stuck and she will be in room all alone and she will be screaming and crying. I will be outside helpless! I am thinking of removing the door knob and lock from her bedroom door permanently. Ya, I know I am little ridiculous.

Monday, March 12, 2007

House hunting

Over the weekend we went house hunting. We had no idea what we wanted so we randomly picked a development off Yio Chu Kang Road for viewing. It is about 2 traffic lights from where my parents live.

My parents recently sold their home and are also looking for a smaller place, now that me and my sister are married. They are looking for something about one third the size of their current home.

Low and behold guess who we met while we were house hunting, my parents, they got all excited and started saying things like. " We can buy 2 units in the same block, on the same floor so that Letitia can run from one home to other..."

I froze and momentarily I was actually lost for words. I cannot imagine being neighbours with my parents. They will be in my house all the time. As it is they live in the other end of the world now and they are always in my house. I can't imagine if we were neighbours. They will be in my house the moment they wake up till the time they go to bed.

Yes I know there are advantages living close to your parents. You can off load the baby and go out for a wild night. But so close is too close for comfort. I think 2 traffic lights away is a good distance.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Staying in control

1) Shouting matches

Me: Letitia let's go to bed.
L: Arrgghhh...
Me: Come on lets go.
L: No no no no no
Me: Say bye bye to your toys and lets go to bed.
L: Boo hoo scream cry boo hoo
Me: Stop it!
L: Throws herself on the floor yelling and screaming
Me: Stop it before I smack you!

45 minutes later

L: Still screaming and yelling... at the same time trying to self induce vomiting.

Winner Letitia 1 Mummy 0

2) Running around shopping malls

Me: Hold my hand.
L: Arrrgggghhhhhh (runs away at lightning speed like a little galloping pony)
Me: Letitia come back here..... you'll get lost (grabbing her by the arm)
L: Throws herself on the floor and shuts her eyes.
Me: Come on lets go.
L: Cries, screams, yells, shouts......
Me: fine do whatever you want!
L: Runs into the crowd without looking back.

Winner Letitia 2 Mummy 0

3) Bringing mobile phones to bed

Me: You can't bring my phone with you to bed. Give back to me.
L: Arrrrgggggghhhhhh..........................NO!
Me: Fine! Now close your eyes and go to sleep.
L: Pat pat!
Me: Okay.. pat pat pat pat....

15 minutes later, Letitia is a sleep, I remove the phone from her hand and run off to the toilet while I am in the middle of my business I hear her screaming.

L: Wei wei wei wei (looking for the phone)
Me: No No. You can't have the phone.
L: Screams, cries, yells, vomits.
Me: Keep quiet and close your eyes
L: Still screaming
Me: Stop it before I smack you! What do you want the phone for?
L: Screams even louder.
L: Cries and looks for her papa
Me: I am telling you one last time keep quiet and go to sleep.
L: Sobs uncontrollably.

45 minutes later. Letitia is asleep and I am looking at her butt and rubbing it because I feel bad for smacking her.

Winner Letitia 3 Mummy 0

But I thank God everyday for giving me such a beautiful child.

Monday, March 05, 2007


Letitia will be turning two in about a months time.

Her grandpa, my father, is taking her to Hong Kong Disneyland!

All expense paid!

How unfair is that?

Her grandma, my mother, has already bought her a birthday present! A charmed bracelet!

How unfair is that?

They haven't bought me anything for my birthday in the last 20 years!

Anyway, having said all that. Dave and I will have to cough up our own travel expenses and tag along as porters carrying all the crap that Princess Letitia requires during her vacation. Diapers, milk, water, pillow, blanket, medication..... the never ending list...........

But the good news is......I get to off load her for half a day, everday, for 4 days. Ha! Which means I only need to be around during bed time to put her to sleep.

Looking forward to our annual family holiday!

Last year when we went to Phuket, Letitia was only 14 months old. I spent most of time in the hotel. She also didn't have a lot of teeth so I had to bring 3 days worth of baby food along. This time round she has most of her teeth, and I won't have to bring along all that food. I know it is going to be better already.

Friday, March 02, 2007


What kind of world do we live in? I was doing some research on pre-school programs that I can send Letitia.... But to my horror I am totally confused and horrified at the range of programs available for toddlers.

I have no idea what is going on out there. There are enrichment programs for almost everything under the blooming sun. Brain Stimulation where they teach 7 month old babies to read and talk. Programs that teach encyclopedic knowledge. Whatever that is?!

I mean this is ridiculous. I am determined to give my child a childhood that she can speak fondly off when she grows up. As much as I want her to have a head start in life I am not about to enrol her in programs that cost thousands of dollars so that she can read the alphabet earlier.

I remind her everyday that I all want is for her to be happy. For her to grow up a responsible and kind person. And that she may excel in anything that she chooses to do and be the successful in her own way by being at peace with herself. I don't want my child to grow up thinking that her value and success in life is measured by the amount of money she makes and by the car that she drives.

So Letitia baby. Enjoy life! Mummy will do whatever it takes to give you the best that money cannot buy.......A happy family that you can always count on and a loving home filled with warmth. Most importantly space and time to explore the world from the safety of my arms so that you can learn from your own experiences and make sense of this crazy world that we live in.