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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last day of 2006

This was how we spend the last day of the year.

Couldn't have asked for a better year and a better ending.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hello big bed bye baby cot

Today we achieved another milestone. Letitia has transition from a baby cot to a bed. My only concern right now is that she will wake up in the middle of night and decide that she will play with her toys and not sleep.

Getting her to lie down and not jump off the bed was rather difficult actually. She was so excited that she could actually move around at will without having to be carried out of the cot.

We gave the cot away and hope that it will be of good use to another baby. It served us well the last 20 months. As she needs me to be in the room with her till she falls asleep. I end up on the floor with my arms stuck in between the grills of the cot trying to pacify her to sleep every night. It was really tiring sitting there. Now I can lie down next to her till she falls asleep.

Next hurdle we will have to cross will be to prevent her from crawling out of bed, opening her room door and coming into our room in the middle of the night. Right now she is still too short to turn the knob. I've heard horror stories of children roaming the house at night while everyone is a sleep. Will have to wait and see.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Post Christmas Shopping

Thunder Storm. We decided to leave the little one in the hands of her grandparents and head for Mustafa.

Mustafa Centre. Happily loading my basket with exotic stuff imported from India.

Cashier at Mustafa's. Paid for the mechandise. Realised I bought the wrong size towels. Infact the towels were so huge, they could be used as blankets. Yes yes my fault didn't open them up to check.

Cashier said "I cannot do refund. You have to look for the sales person."
I asked "Okay, where can I find him?"
Cashier replied "I don't know? Maybe he go home."
Dave said "I go look for him."

Phone rings. Dave on the line.
"The refund will take at least 30 mins. He has to go to the office to get his manager's approval. Don't know if the manager has gone home for the day. How?"

I sighed "Forget it. Maybe we come back tomorrow."

Arrived home with EXTREMELY HUGE bath towels. Staring at it wondering how long is it going to take to dry after every bath? They are almost 3 times the size of normal towels. Even my towel rack won't be able to accomodate them.

Still pissed over the towels. Just can't get over it.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Ho Ho Ho

Lunch with Ah Gong and Ah Ma

In Auntie Angel's house

We had a really long day today. Started out with lunch with Ah Gong and Ah Ma. Followed by party in Auntie Angel's house and back to Ah Gong and Ah Ma's house. Followed by dinner. By the time we were done Letitia was so tired she fell a asleep in the car and went straight to bed when we got home. She didn't even take her usual bedtime bath.

I put a new diaper on her, changed her into her pajamas while she was in a semi-conscious state and stuck a bottle into her mouth. Within 5 minutes she was in la la land. If only it was so easy every night. But she didn't nap this afternoon so she was flat out by the time we got home. Well it was a fun day with lots of presents and friends and family. But thank goodness it only happens once a year. Cos I am suffering from turkey overload. We have been eating non-stop since last night.

Yes the partying started yesterday at my sister-in-laws house and we didn't get home will 11pm.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

$300 Hair cut

Today I did the unthinkable. I had a $300 haircut. Okay not just any hair cut. It was a special rebonding thingy from Japan not the usual flat stuck to your head rebonding which you can get for $95. You get jet straight hair but still have the volume and the best thing you can wash and wear and sleep and go out without even combing your hair. Or at least that is what the woman told me.Too good to be true! I don't know. Will have to wait till tomorrow when I wake up to find out.

It was a spur of the moment thing. I walk into the salon wanting to do something to my hair and the salon manager talked me into it. I sat there for the next 4 hours having my hair tugged at and pulled and straightened and washed and washed again. Was it worth it? I don't know. So far so good. My hair is dead straight and I am determined not to comb it.

I however do feel a little guilty for spending all that money. But the woman said that it would last a year. So I rationalised and rationalised and rationalised and decided what the hack. I couldn't even remember the last time I spent 4 hours and a 3 figure amount on my hair. You should have seen Dave's face when I got home and told him how much it cost. He rolled his eyes and his jaw dropped to the ground. He swallowed a huge lump of saliva and said, "Never mind la." I bet you my last dollar he must have been thinking, "$300 bucks on something that doesn't even play music is too much!" Well.................

Enough about my self indulgent day and back to reality. Today Letitia said "Gu Gu" which means "father's sister" in mandarin. And she finally said "Milk Milk" instead of "nan nan" want she wants milk. She also learned how to duck walk, growl like a tiger and walk around like a gorilla.............thanks to her dad. See what one afternoon with Papa and Animal Planet can do to a 20 month old child. I go get my hair fixed and return home to a zoo.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Prawn Mee Adventure

Today I realised that I really have no life. I mean I am so out of it, I didn't even know that the famous Joo Chiat prawn mee moved.

When I was pregnant I had absolutely no taste buds for any seafood, infact I found it replusive. After I gave birth, I couldn't find the time and energy to lug my fat ass from Jurong to go all the way to Joo Chiat with a crying baby just to eat prawn noodles.

Today, it finally stopped raining after 2 whole days we decided that we will give ourselves a treat and go to Joo Chiat for prawn mee. So whole family into the car, we even used our new GPS to help us get to Onan road. Guess what? When we got there all we saw, in place of the coffeeshop that use to sell the prawn mee, was a store room for the provision shop next door.

"It's GONE!" I screamed almost bursting into tears. It must have been so loud because the the guy next door heard me and came out saying " GONE for One year olady lor!"

"Har? Gone where?" I asked. "Follow the road behind, about 5 minutes walk" he replied.

"Ok Ok Ok, thank you!"

With absolutlely no idea what he was saying and where to go, we started walking......... until we ended up in Haig Road Blk 3. "Er this doesn't look right?" I said to Dave. "Let's ask this Aunty."

"Aunty you know the prawn mee move to where?" (in Chinese) Dave asked.

"Follow this road and walk for 5 minutes." Aunty replied.

"Har? Again follow this road. Okay....." I said

Finally we decided that we will drive around till we find it because carrying a 14 kg child and walking around is no fun.

Alas................... we found the damn place. Ai yo it's the coffeshop opposite where Gary and Carrie use to live in Carpmael Road road......... for goodness sake..... next time just tell me Carpmael Road la.....

In retropect, I should have just called Carrie and asked her. She still lives somewhere in the neighbourhood.

Monday, December 18, 2006

In my shoes

My baby at 19 months old has discovered the joy of make believe. She loves wearing my shoes, slippers and handbags. Each time she manages to get her hands on any of my stuff she will glow with pride as she walks pass me. "Nice?" She will ask. I off course will reply with "Very nice." She will continue walking pass me saying "Bye!" and blowing me a good bye kiss along the way.

It's a daily battle trying to stop her from ransacking my wardrobe. She will only play with the expensive stuff. You know the Gucci and the Dior and the LV. Give her a cheap canvas bag and she will scream. Her favourite part... chewing on the leather. What started out as wearing my flip flops has now become wearing 4 inch heels.

Not looking forward to the day she starts painting her face with my make up and her toes with my varnish. She is a girly girl and loves to watch me put on make up and play dress up. Put some lip gloss on her and she will pucker her lips for you.
She particularly likes the pink shoes, I have no idea why.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Little shop of horrors

Little shop of horrors

Rolling and lying on the shopping centre floor.
Hiding in between clothes rack in the store.
Running off in the opposite direction.
Pulling things down from shelves.
Screaming and yelling when forcefully removed from a store.
Licking mirrors in changing rooms.
Sitting on display panels.
Taunting young babies by sticking out tongue at them.
Crying and throwing tantrums because mummy won't buy toys.
Sucking and licking handles of supermarket trolleys.
Grabbing and throwing unwanted groceries into the supermarket trolley.
Insist on dragging shopping bag across the floor of the entire mall.
Wiping dirty hands covered in saliva and food on walls.

This is my daughter in a shopping centre.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

8 teeth

Up to about a month ago my daughter only had 8 teeth. So that limited the type of food that she could eat. I was just starting to get worried about her lack of teeth when she suddenly decided that she will grow another 8 more all at the same time.

Can you imagine going from 8 teeth to 16 teeth within the span of 1 month. The 4 on the top are already protruding out of the gums. But the lower 4 are just about to make their way out. You can feel them under the gums.

Oh the pain she feels is nothing compared to what I have to go through. She clings on to me and follows me around like a bad smell. The moment I leave her sight.... she will scream "Ma Ma, Ma Ma, Ma..." sounds of little foot steps will follow and "Bao Bao, Bao Bao" is what comes out next.

I have to carry a kid that is almost the weight of 3 sacks of rice (5kg pack) around all day. She is about 14kg. I have to sit her on my lap when I pee. I have to let her hold on to my thigh while I make lunch. And I have to hold her while she is watching tele. Aiyo! I tell you......... super manja.

I am aching all over, my arms are sore and my back feels like it is about to snap. 16 down and 4 more to go...... heard the last 4 are the worst the dreaded MOLARS. Crap!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Cuts, Grazes, Bruises

Letitia had a bad fall yesterday! She tripped and cut both knees on raw unfinished concrete! There was blood,lots of it by my standard. She cried and screamed till she turned purple. She created such a commotion everyone around us knew she fell.

When we got home we ran her under warm water and slapped on the antispectic cream. She screamed again, till she turned purple. Well, everything was much better today. The wound dried out really well. BUT she had to fall again on the same spot!!! This cause the wound to split open exposing the raw FLESH on her knees.......OHHHHHHH!!!!! EWWWWW!!!!!!

This is too much for me to take. I ran off to the pharmacy and bought dressing for her wound. But she didn't like the idea of something foreign pasted to her knees. She protested and tried to peel the damn thing off. Anyway, she forgot about it until bath time......ewwww....... she squealed and she yelled while we were trying to medicate the wound.

The horrible things you have to deal with when you are a parent is just heart wrenching at times.

2 weeks to Christmas!

It's that time of the year again! Yeah! It' s Christmas!

My tree is up and I've bought 75% of my presents. Wah even I am impressed with myself!

We have 2 parties to attend on the 16th and on the 24th of December. There will be loads of kids there. I've stocked up on lots of toys from Toys r us. I've even bought extra presents just in case I get ambushed.

Don't want to get caught in another embrassing situation where someone has a present for my daughter but I have nothing to give back in return.

Oh yo, I guess you live and learn. I am wiser now.....last Christmas was my first time as a Mum. Will not be caught dead without extra gifts in the car this year.

Anyway, we also made our own little cards with our photos on them so that the little children that get our gifts will know who its from. So fun!!!

I still have somemore shopping to do and the thought of having to brave the crowd in Orchard again doesn't sound very appealing to me. I'll just think of it as doing my part for the economy and at the same time earning points for my credit card annual fee waiver. But I was really lucky, because Dave took Letitia to Sim Lim last weekend. That gave me 3 hours alone, the best 3 hours I've had in a while.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Best Friends

Introducing "BA BA" and "OH OH"

My daughther's bestest of friends. She goes everywhere with them. Can't sleep without them. Drags them around the house during the day. Chews on their noses and sucks their ears. It comforts her and it gives her security. But here's the problem. They STINK! How? What do I have to do to get those 2 fellows into the washing machine.

If I wash it in the morning, it will not be dried by nap time. If I wash them in the afternoon, they will not be dried for bed time. If I wash them while she is asleep, what if she wakes up in the middle of the night searching for them.

Oh man! The pink one is starting to turn grey and the brown one is starting to turn browner. she is permanently attached to them. She needs it when she is watching tv, she needs it for her milk feeds, she need it when she is upset, she needs it all the time, she need them when she is awake, she needs them when she is sleeping.

And the real problem IS.......... she expects me to hug and kiss them, oh my oh my! And how can I say no to my baby.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Weekends and Laundry

I always wonder why the laundry basket is always full.

I mean I do the laundry almost everyday and still the damn basket is always full. Who in the world spends their entire weekend washing clothes? Well I do.... 2 loads on Saturday and 2 loads on Sunday.

Ya I may sound anal to you but I swear it's always full. I have not freaking idea what is going on. The only logical explanation I can think off is that we too many outfits a day.

Anyway, other than the laundry, we had a great weekend. Ate in a restaurant, shopped for 4 hours, bought a dress for myself and still got home in one piece with baby tucked under my arms. Couldn't ask for more. Life should be this way. Simple, uncomplicated and fuss free.

Friday, December 01, 2006

$7 Balloon

Grandparents... Ah grandparents.....

They are sent by God to spoil little children.

My parents bought Letitia a $7 balloon and their rationale being "She likes it so much, never mind la". They pretty much paid $7 for a sheet of palstic filled with air. The $7 balloon that Letitia forgot all about the moment she got home. Maybe if I tried the same logic on them it might work.

"Mum and Dad, I really like that Coach Legacy Bag that cost about $1500 could you buy it for me too....... "

But than again i do not have a face that looks that ....