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Friday, August 31, 2007

2 Birthdays, 1 food poisoning, 1 broken butt and 4 visits to the doctor

I went to hell and back this week. Hell is far from over though.

I survived 2 birthdays. Hubby Dave's 33rd Birthday and my pap's 62nd birthday with minor glitches here and there. They include 1 MRT and 2 cab rides to get birthday cake with a 2 year child in tow. By myself, me and I and alone. Surprised the cake made it. Suffered from food poisoning, had to be the damn oysters that I ate. Puked till I turned green in the face and needed a jab in the buttock to clear it. Mind you still tending to my 2 year all by myself. She was pretty much left to her own devices with the television as a babysitter as I rolled around all day in pain. I probably made the YUCKiest lunch ever which Letitia refuses to eat. Anyway that's in the past.....

As for the broken butt.......Letitia got so constipated she actually had blood in her stools. I freaked out panicked and off to the doctor I went. Standing in the raining on a Friday evening with a 17kg child trying to get a taxi to mend her bleeding butt. Yes all alone by myself and me and I.

Somewhere between the birthdays and the poisoning and the bleeding stools. Ye ye ye amidst all the very exciting things happening in my life. Letitia caught a really bad cough. Needless to say I haven't slept a wink in about 3 days. She seems to cough only at night. 1.30am and 4.30am are the 2 magic times that she will go into coughing fits. You guessed it we went to the doctor's twice because of this coughing episode and still she is coughing. As if things aren't bad enough she had a fall too, must be too drugged out and kinda lost her balance so now I have one more thing to add to the list. 2 BLEEDING KNEES!

Off course I am having a tension headache from all that has happened.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Bad Bad People

There are nice people and there are NOT nice people. Let's just say I am about to become related to some people who are not nice.

Arrogant, obnoxious, rude, plastic and full of themselves! Not to mention full of crap! These cheap skates are out to take my family for a ride and there's nothing I can do about it!

I have never ever seem more annoying human beings in my life! And now there is a an entire family of them. Old to young, females and males, educated and uneducated! ALL IDIOTS!

I am upset, my mother is upset... hell even my hubby is upset! Even my baby won't stop crying at the sight of them. She buried her face in my chest! Seemingly wiser than all off us from the onset. She KNEW what conniving people we were with!

Here's why:

Oh the attitude with which they speak! Hello we don't owe you crap! So cut the attitude!
Oh the it's my way and my way only! Hello who do you think you are! Empress Dowager!
Oh the there is no room for negotiation because I am doing you a favour condescending tone of voice! Hello! Why don't you take your fat butt and stuff it!

The lack of politically correctness and the lack of PR skills was appalling. There was enough antagonistic feelings to cause a spontaneous combustion. Let's just say I wish her head would just blow off her fat neck right this instance!

I just hope that I don't have see them again in the near future. Cos this time I may not be able to control myself and slap that old hag silly. Hell I don't even know if I should post this........ but I have too. Who cares about repurcussions when they have already left with nothing but a bad taste in our mouths!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Wedding Bells

My baby sister is getting married in a couple of months time. I am really happy that she found someone that she loves. I wish her nothing but the best in her new marital life. Hope that she will find the same safety, security, companionship, respect, care, joy and love like I did.

From the bottom of my heart I wish that as she embarks on this journey of marital life she will discover that it is a blessing to have someone by her side. I am not going to get all philosophical!

What I really want to say is "Thank Goodness, she is finally getting married!" and I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will change her mind soon about NOT having children. (obviously for selfish reasons: I dun wan her coming over everyday when she is 65 to play with my grandchildren cos she is bored witless)

Looking forward to getting a really big Ang Bao from your husband on your wedding day....... I will personally guard the keys to door so make sure he brings lots of dough if he wants to get in. This is for making me wake up sooooooo early in the morning. Who in the world gets married at 6am?


Thursday, August 02, 2007


Our local postman, oopss, sorry post lady. She is one sassy lady. She doesn't deliver our mail on a bicycle, not on a tricycle, nope not on a scooter. She delivers our mail in a car that she drives from car park to car park. Every afternoon I will see her sorting out our mail in the boot of her car with a cigarette in her hand.

I can't help but think........She must be very bored.......Sure got nothing else better to do that is why she is delivering mail. Why else would this woman dressed in skin tight Levis jeans and drives a Toyota be doing this?

I suddenly realise that I need a life. I am actually stalking the post lady! Okay not really stalking her, but every time I see her I just can't help but look and observe and wonder what her life is like. She is probably the MOST interesting character in our neighbourhood. Talk about pathetic! So pathetic! Really time to get some action back into my life!