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Sunday, September 12, 2010


For everyone that has been on a diet, is currently on a diet, about to go on a diet and have totally given up on diets. Also for those who are rolling their eyes because I am on a diet. I know who you are and you know who you are....hahahaha..

Going on a diet is not a bad thing. Some people think of it as a bad word like it's vulgar or something. Before you judge and form preconceived notions of why you think I am on a diet let me tell you why.

It's about economics. I am not about to go out and buy new clothes just because my pants are really tight at the moment. I just have to stop eating more than I need too. It saves me money on a new wardrobe and grocery. Brilliant.

It takes self discipline and courage to admit that I have to do something about my eating habits rather than let it control and rule my life. I make lifestyle changes to the time I eat, what I eat and how much I eat. Being hungry for hours and not stuffing my face takes lots of discipline. You see humans only need about 1500 calories a day and 3 meals a day. So don't worry I am not about kill myself or develop an eating disorder.

For vanity, I do it for vanity. I am not going to be all self righteous and say that I am not vain. I am very vain. A decade ago a very wise man, whom I eventually married taught me that....."you have to look good to feel good" sometimes in life you have to start somewhere. If feeling good about yourself means you have to look good so be it.

Staying in control. Like everything else in my life from the colour of my eye shadow to the type of coffee I like. It's a choice I make to stay at a certain weight. Not everyone is going to agree, and I fully understand and respect that everyone is different. So the same rule applies here, if you are happy with the way you look and weigh. Let me decide for myself how heavy I should weigh and feel. What's most important is that you are comfortable and happy in your body. Big, medium or small.

^_^ I am happiest at my lightest. Blame it on the media, fashion industry, men, society I don't really care.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Your Dream life

Having the life you want is not impossible. It's very much like building a house lots of time, effort, cement and knowing what you want. Most happy people did not get to where they are by luck. It's was a journey of careful planning, taking calculated risk, learning from mistakes and some brain.

When you look for that dream house you start by looking for a suitable location very much like how you search for that special someone to spent the rest of your life with. You have some idea what you want but you never really know until see it/him/her.

After you found something suitable you lay the foundations and make sure they are strong and steady as a rock or your house will come tumbling down. You make sure that you have common values with regards to children and their up bringing, similar family values even religious and financial goals. A failure to come to terms with core values is like building a house with only 80% of the foundation in place. Not doomed for complete failure but lots of work, effort and time will be required to patch falling pieces along the way.

Once you get that house up you fill it up with things that you love and make it a home. Very much like the rest of your life, you fill it up with people you care about, people that are positive and of good character. But you also learn to let go and eradicate people that are bad for you no matter how painful. You will find if you surround yourself with people and things that you love. You will in return feel loved.

Fundamentally it's all about knowing what you want and not settling for anything less. If you haven't figured out what you want in life maybe it's time you started thinking about what will make you jump out of bed with a smile on face so that everyday will be the best day of your life. You create it one small step at a time, it may take years and sometimes you fall or take a few steps back. But you keep looking forward and you do whatever it takes to build that life that you envision in your mind. You remove obstacles, by pass them or take a detour but you never never look back.

Finally, you do it alone if you have to, you are the sole driving force to creating that life. There is no perfect life there will still be ups and downs, trials and tribulations. But you deal with it one at time and move on, staying focused on your final destination.

It may seem a little over simplified but it's not about money or having the best job or living in the best district. It's about being true to yourself and knowing that you have taken every EFFORT to make your life worth living.

People will beat you down, creeps will come into your life and suck you dry. Toilets will leak, cars will break down and children will fall sick. You cannot control what happens neither can you change the world or your neighbour but you can choose how you react to them and you can choose what you want to do about it. Remember that when you are in control of yourself, you will be in control of your life. Suddenly the world seems a better place.

This was written for a dear friend that is feeling rather down at the moment. Hope this helps you out of your darkness.