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Saturday, September 22, 2007


Okay after 20 days of single parenting the fatigue is starting to set in.
But I must say I am getting better at this single parenting thing.
Usually I would have felt like this by the end of the first week.
This time round I survived 3 weeks before feeling like crap.
And to top it off Letitia was sick for almost the entire time.
I had zero support, my mother was in Tibet. I couldn't even off load her for a couple hours.

I am officially exhuasted!

2 more weeks................................BOOOOO HOOOOOO!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Plane Rides are fun!!

We made there and back. We picked up a couple of viruses along the way too. Letitia is coughing again. We spent the first day home in the Paediatrician's office. Came home with a huge bag of antibiotics and cough syrup.

The plane ride there was fun for Letitia though, she thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Here's a preview of what went on the first 10 minutes. The plane was still on the ground we haven't even taken off yet!

Letitia : Aunty, on TV? (pointing to the screen)
Stewardess No.1 : Not now my dear you have to wait.

Letitia : Aunty, ear phones?
2nd Stewardess No.2 : Not now dear you have to wait.

Letitia : Aunty, toys?
Stewardess No.1 : Ok, I will be back. (Comes back with a Dora soft toy)
Letitia : No back pack?
Stewardess No.1 : Sorry no back pack.

Letitia : Aunty, apple juice?
Stewardess No.2 : Ok, here you go.
Letitia : Thanks.

Letitia : Pressed the call button.
Stewardess No.2 : You pressed the call button mdm?
Me : No. (looking up at the illuminated call button) Sorry it was Letitia.
Me : Letitia don't press the "MAN" ok.
Letitia : I want on light. (turn on and off the lights about 50 times, thought I was in a disco)

Letitia : I want to watch Dora!
Me : Ok! in about 10 minutes ok!
Letitia : Me go walk!
Me : No, you can't go for a walk now. People are trying to get on the plane.
Letitia : Me stand up? See baby? (there was a baby sitting behind us)
Me: Ok.

I really pitied the Ang Moh that sat next to Letitia. Not only was he squashed up in the window seat, he had to put up with her non stop talking for about 2 hours. This trip Letitia learnt how to Sawadee Kaa with her hands. It's hilarious. Even though we spent 2 whole days staring at the 4 walls of the hotel room cos she was sick it was still a great holiday.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Flying Solo

My child is suffering from mild depression. She misses her Daddy so much she is starting to have nightmares. So I am doing what most mothers would do......I will be taking her to see her Papa in a couple of days time.

I will be flying my baby and me a couple of thousand kilometers to see her daddy. I am actually quite nervous as this will be my first solo flight with a 2 year old child. The last couple of times that we travelled there were always 3 or 4 other adults around. I really hope that I will manage to get there without the entire cabin giving me stares of hatred.

I picked an evening flight so she would have had her nap and eaten dinner. Hopefully she will be less cranky and more co-operative. Her papa will be there to pick us up at the airport. So i just need to get to the airport from home, clear immigration, survive the flight, clear immigration again and retrieve our luggage. Not forgetting that I will need to do all these with a 2 year old child, a stroller and a diaper bag the size of Africa. I was thinking how the hell I am going to manage because I have only 2 hands. I guess I will have to figure it out without losing anything or anyone along the way.

I pray for good weather so that I have two less things to worry about, an umbrella and bumpy plane rides. I pray for good health and strong stomachs against foreign viruses and germs. I pray for strength to go on this journey and return safely home.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hi-5 Circus Stage Show concert

The stage all set for a our first concert together.
We bought the $50 tickets,
can you imagine the $90 and $70 tickets were sold out!

A sick Letitia with her over priced binking blopper head band thingy. That made in china plastic thing cost us $15.

Still not quite sure what is going on Letitia about to fall asleep from cough syrup. Seen here with mummy and Jup jup. You don't want to know how much Jup Jup cost.

YEAH! Finally, the show started!

A very excited Letitia singing and dancing to the show.
Clapping and jumping, suddenly she is no longer tired and sleepy.

Oh! Fairy wings! She made her father go buy her these during the show. Cos all the little girls were wearing a pair. I am not even going to start about the how over priced the memorabilia are. Very over priced.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Elephants and Rainbows

Letitia is obessed with rainbows and elephants! She sees rainbows in every thing. It's amazing where you can find rainbows and sometimes it takes a 2 year child to point out to you that there are rainbows everywhere. You just have to look. Maybe we will all find a pot of gold that the end of our rainbow.

Some examples of rainbows:
Multi coloured layered kueh - "See mama, rainbow! Mmmm yummy, me eat rainbow"

Sriped t-shirt -"Oh mama wear rainbow."

Playdoh -"Look, me make rainbow. Mix about 7 different colours into a ball and pinch into little pieces."

Yesterday morning, two floors up someone was drilling a hole in their wall and was giving me a massive headache. But my 2 year old ran up to me and said," Mama, elelphant?" Haha it was hilarious. She was right it did sound like an elephant. She ran off and came back with her binoculars round her neck trying to find the elephant. We took her to the zoo today to see the Elelphants of Asia Show. Off course she brought her binoculars along, how could she forget! She was going to elephant's house!