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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Airy Fairy FAT Fairy

Presenting Fairy Hair

Fairy & Her Wand

Fairy in Her Shoes

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Our Chinese New Year

Check out my Chinese New Year Table setting... Not bad for first attempt!

We had a really good new year this year, other than eating too much junk. way too much rubbish...... but the really fun part was seeing my little one enjoying herself. She refused to let me throw away the box for the mandarin oranges. Because she says that it is a car and insisted on sitting in it. It eventually fell apart!

My baby in her CAR! vroomm.....

I also managed to get her in a dress 2 days in a row. Not an easy task, she is a super tomboy. I had to convince her that she looked really nice by taking a picture of her and showing it to her.

Oh yes and today I finally washed Bear Bear. My daughter's smelly companion. I had to get my parents to bring her toy shopping. She is still not home yet. Bear Bear is wet and hanging upside down at the moment. Hopefully she will not cry when she gets home and see her bear bear being hung upside down on a bamboo pole.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Sick sick sick

I am sick. Letitia is sick. Both of us have runny noses. I have no idea who gave it to who but I am miserable.

I am sleepy all the time and I have to deal with a whiny kid that wants to be carried 24-7.

Anyway Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone! Have a prosperous new year and don't eat too much pineapple tarts and bak kua. It will ALL go to your BUTT and THIGHS.

I am just hoping that we will both recover in time for the big day of visiting.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine's Day

I personally don't believe in spending an arm and a leg on flowers and paying through your nose for dinners in restaurants. But I must say that all the "love" in the air is starting to rub off on me. The big bonus! This year I received my first piece of Tiffany jewelry! You have to start some where right! Every girl loves her bling bling.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish my Hubby, Dave, a happy Valentine's Day and thank you for being the BEST!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


We made it through the dinner and home in one piece. Everything went smoothly except for one thing. Letitia doesn't like my sister's husband! Every time she looks at him or if he looks at her she will get really upset. She didn't smile throughout dinner and she was not her usual self. She refuses to acknowledge even my sister. She usually clings on to her "yi yi" whenever "yi yi" was around.

You see its a really long story... but in a nutshell my brother-in-law is seldom around. So my daughter has only seen him thrice in her entire life. Anyway she was so upset at the sight of his face she'd rather sit there and sulk. Endless attempts by my parents to cheer her up failed miserably......

I have no idea why she doesn't like him, but you know how young children can sense a person's aura and I guess she just didn't like his for whatever reason.

Birthday Birthday and More Birthday

Last Sunday we went to Jayden's 1st birthday party some where in Changi. It was held in a rented bungalow along some road called Horseturn Road or something along those lines. After stuffing our faces with buffet food and chasing balloons around for about 3 hours Letitia started to look like a panda. She had missed her afternoon nap for this birthday party.

The strange thing is birthday parties are like wedding dinners. Everyone has the same do.....balloons...buffet...parents friends (cos babies don't have friends). Even the conversations don't change. So how? When you having another one........and at EVERY party that you go to you will ALWAYS meet someone....... who thinks that 3 kids is the magic number.

I met the mother of a 4 month old baby and she went off saying that she wanted at least 3 children and she is hoping to try for another one by March. I just stared at her and went,"Huh?" She continued,"If the mat's can do it, so can we....." Okay I never really thought of it that way. DUH!

Today is my mother's birthday and the entire family is going to so swanky restaurant in town to celebrate her big day. Happy Birthday Mom! Yes! Nice restaurants and 21 month old toddlers don't quite go together. So lets hope that Letitia decides to behave and not have a screaming fit or vomiting session because she doesn't want to sit at the table.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Letitia is a TV addict! She watches TV the moment she opens her eyes till the time she goes to bed. But the only program she watches is Hi-5. She has an enitre collection of Hi-5 VCDs. She watches each disc about twice a day.

Now here is the damn problem...... she watches soooooooo much Hi-5 she started to have nightmares about it. She will wake up screaming and sobbing ,"Hi-5 Hi-5 Hi-5"

Aiyo what I am suppose to do.... the logical thing for me to do is to stop her from watching anymore of that crap but HOW? That's all she wants. She cries even more if I don't let her watch the damn thing.

Growing Up

I have to admit my baby is not a baby anymore. As much as I hate to admit it she is growing up really fast. She is ridiculously hilarious , with her dressing up with fake plastic jewelry and cooking on her little kitchen set. Her non stop request for me to sit down and draw and scribble nonsense on her drawing block.

I know I am going to miss all these one day when she finally decides that she doesn't want to spent time with her "mamma" anymore. So I look forward to each day and enjoy every moment of time spent with my little angel till such a time comes when she thinks that I am uncool.

So here I am trying to document moments of our life together and hope that I was the best mother possible to her. Playing make believe rain at home with little umbrellas and eating fake fruits from her collection of platic toys. Taking afternoon naps together and going for walks in the afternoon.