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Monday, September 07, 2009


This entry is to archive some of the darnest things my 4 year old has ever said.

#1. Lesson on Royal relations and her subjects.
"Daddy you are a King. Mommy you are a Queen. So I am a Princess right? and Nikky is a baby Princess." Turns and look at the maid. "You are the maid, so you just have to take care of the Baby Princess."

#2. Lesson on how the Internet works.
"Mommy? Is it you put the picture in the computer and it will float float float to your friends computer through the wire? that is why they can see my picture!"

#3. Lesson on nutrition
"You have to eat everyday, eat a lot a lot of different things. Cannot just eat instant noodles. I want to see you eat OK! Must eat rice, vegetables, meat, fish and apples and oranges...." lecturing the maid on her not so healthy diet.

#4. Lesson on how to put someone in their place.
Neighbour's kid ran into my house while Letitia was having dinner and said, "So big already still need some one to feed you! Shame Shame!" REBUTTAL of the CENTURY came flying out of my daughter's mouth, "Why cannot is it? She is my maid what!"

#5. Lesson on life and death
"Mommy, will I die? I don't want to die?" I looked at her and said, "Everyone dies when they grow old.....you are still very young very very far away from dying." Miss smarty pants replied, "Oh, so if I don't grow up, I won't grow old right? so i won't die la........I don't want to eat anymore. Cos if I eat i will grow up and i will die...." I answered her, "If you don't eat you will also die." Letitia, "Okay.....but you cannot die har mummy, i dun want you to die ok?"