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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

3 hours in the life of ME

Baby monitor transmits really loud cries of hunger. I looked at my husband and he was dead a as log.

I am still in bed. Couldn't move suffering from too much blogging and facebook.

Really loud wails of hunger. I rolled my ass off my bed and walked to the kitchen with my eyes closed.

Sitting on the floor of my living room and watching my 9mth old baby playing with my mouse.

Still feeling like crap. Need to shower and paint my face! Can't leave the house without makeup.

Giving Danica her bath and she decides to eat the bath sponge. No not just lick...ermmm....like suck the bath water from the sponge. Yank the darn thing from the hands and she threw herself backwards causing a tsunami in my bathroom.

Letitia wake up! time to go to school.

Mummy I pee pee in my panties. Wah Lao! Shit like that always happens to me....

Letitia have you finished you breakfast! Come and brush your teeth.

Letitia where are you!!!! Come and brush your teeth......

Letitia!!!!! Where are you???? Come and brush your teeth.

In the car. "Mummy how do built house?" "Why fish will die?" "How come birds can fly?"........after about 6 questions I kind of shut down.

Back at home. Pong Pong with my maid standing outside my house talking to the neighbour.

Pong pong gulp down 200mls of milk and is off to lalalalalala land for her morning nap.

the last 45 mins has been pure bliss! silence.....never thought i would enjoy hearing my own breathing......

Monday, June 29, 2009

Inspirational, Inspiration, Inspired

Today I am inspired. Someone whom I have never met. I don't even know her name actually...has been reading my blog. I find great joy and comfort in knowing that she found my blog a great help in preparing her for motherhood. Wah! Not in my wildest dreams would have I have imagined that ranting and raving about my mundane life would be appreciated and read even after all these years.

I spent the last 1 hour reading all the entries in my blog. The one thing that dawned on me was that I am so glad I documented so much of my feelings and little incidents of Letitia's mishaps and tantrums. Without this blog most of the memories would have been forgotten.

I kind of miss writing about my mundane life. But with 2 kids, writing is a luxury. So for tonight I am going to indulge and write about my day.

Danica woke up at 5.45am this morning. So it also means I have been awake since 5.45am this morning! It is now 11.20pm. Ha! I have been awake for the last 18 hours. Since today was the first day of the school term it was a mad rush. I had to feed Danica her milk, bathe myself, give Danica her bath, wake Letitia up, get her ready for school. Drive her to school and spent the next 45 mins running around her school like a headless chicken.

Aiyo! This H1N1 thing is a PAIN! Must submit what travel declaration form and must check temperature and must queue up in the holding area. It was complete chaos. So to the Principal of my daughter's kindergarten if you happen to read this........this is what you should do~!~ Number the stations! 1 2 3 4 5....so that students and parents will know that they have to go to station 1 and so on.....not put up signs that says contacted and not contacted and travelled to infected countries and screening and not screened and holding area...bla bla bla....Hello! these kids are like 3 years old. Some of them don't even know what their full name is and you expect them to read signs that says "TRAVELLED TO INFECTED COUNTRIES" I am starting to wonder if I should change kindy for Letitia cos her Principal doesn't seem to be very bright.

I got home 1 hour later and Danica was screaming at the top of her tiny lungs because she is looking for me....sigh....my babysitter and maid were looking rather lost when i walked in the door....i put her to nap by stuffing the pacifier into her mouth. Okay! What next...yes grocery shopping. Did a supermarket run had to buy diaper and food. Didn't make it home in time had to go and get Letitia from school directly from the supermarket. OH CRAP! forgot to ask the maid to cook lunch for Letitia. uuurggghhhh....called home and asked my maid to cook lunch for Letitia. Arrived at Letitia's school, got her home and when I walked into my house...... Danica was screaming again. She refused her lunch and as usual the babysitter and my maid were looking clueless because Danica has been crying for me again. Kill me! there is only one me and everyone wants a piece of me. I haven't even hard time to go to the toilet since 6am! But I have already driven in and out of my carpark 5 times. Nope I didn't pee......I had to give Letitia a shower! Sigh...Monday she has gym class and she was all wet and sweaty and itchy all over and she couldn't wait....so i had to give her a shower. After the shower I was going to pee! But Danica started crying again because I haven't carried her since I got home. Aiyo....my bladder was about to exploded.

To sum it up I still manage to bake 30 chocolate chip cookies while the girls were napping.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Run baby run

Running to destinations unknown.
Running towards solitude.
Running from chaos.
Running running running indefinitely.
Running away from monotony.
Running to break free.
Running from me.