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Friday, December 12, 2008

Time stood still

When will my time stand still?

I look at my grandma. Her time stood still in 1980. She has never been on the MRT. Never owned a mobile phone. Don't know what a plasma tv is and never touched a computer not even with a 5 feet pole. The last electronic device she used was a VHS recorder.

I look at my mother and her time stood still in 1990. She manage to catch the mobile and VCD player. But off course struggles with it so much she makes my 3 year old look like a rocket scientist. She cannot comprehend the internet and does not have an email account. She thinks that people who use blue tooth headsets are hearing impaired cos it looks like a hearing aid!!!

When will my time stand still?

Friday, December 05, 2008

Dramatisation of the Birth of Danica Liow

Danica my precious baby is now 3 months old. Born on 30th August 2008 she was premature weighing only 2.4kg at birth. I went into labour at 34 weeks 6 days and the most common question I got was "Why like that? What happened?"

Okay so to all the concern people out there, here is my take on what happened that fateful day. So here goes....

My husband, D, had been away for the last 3 weeks working overseas and only returned on 29th August 2008 the day before I popped. I was left alone to fend for myself and look after Letitia which is by the way a very huge 3 year old that weighs about 19kg. I had also just gotten a new domestic helper which was clueless. That night D came home, I greeted him at the door and the first thing he said was, " You look like you have engaged!" My belly was kind of hanging really low and I looked like I was about to give birth in my living room.

The next morning (THE MORNING) D was on duty at the Air force open house in Paya Lebar Airbase. He had came home during his break to bring Letitia to see the planes on display and maybe try and get a seat on the Focal 50 free flights. Me being me....bored and very pregnant decided that I wanted to tag along. So off we went....I walked for 2 hours in the hot NOON sun on the runway tarmac. I guess that kind of did it! You know advance incubation like in Science Centre where they hatched eggs under a light.

I came home with contractions and a shooting pain down my spine. No! I didn't go to the hospital. I took a nap and went for dinner in a Sichuan restaurant that evening. When I finally got home at I was in so much pain I could hardly walk. I called the Obs and she told me to meet in the labour ward. Off course me being me again.......took a shower, washed my hair and had a coke before I left the house. I arrived at the hospital at 10pm. The Doctor came and said," Your contractions are 4 minutes apart and you have started to dilate. Oh! You are the breech case!"

Scramble Scramble Scramble...all the OTs were booked out for surgeries will 3am. Finally they managed to squeeze me in at 10.45pm. The DVT foot pump wasn't working, the epidural was the most painful thing I had every gone through. Everything was done in a such a hurry, they had punctured my spine to administer the epidural even before I was numb....I almost past out and still got scolding for moving ! At 11.15pm on 30th Aug 2008, Danica Liow was born via c-section. She had 1 foot in my cervix, the other foot bent (like a Tree pose) and umbilical cord round her neck. They had to pull her so hard both her calves were bruised. The first thing she did when she came out......No not scream and cry......she graped the surgeon's scissors with her hands. Go figure!