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Monday, January 21, 2008

Mummy or Daddy?

We have a Sunday routine of going to the petrol station to get our cars washed and petrol topped up for the week. Since we have 2 cars, Letitia can only come with one of us. She is made to decide who she wants to be with as we make a 2 minute drive to the petrol station. Mummy or Daddy? Sounds simple enough.

But I found out through this little exercise that she can't decide who she wants to be with more. She loves us both so much and equally, it's the worst thing for her to chose between Mummy and Daddy! Poor kid! I never thought that something so minuit could be so traumatising for a 2 year old child.

She will stand there and say,"I want Mummy and Daddy!"

Aiyo! But how to explain to her that Mummy needs to drive one car and Daddy needs to drive the other car! To my little precious this 2 minute separation feels like her parents are going through a divorce. Must be so difficult being a kid these days. I never remember having to go through what she has to go through. But it does feel good to know that our child loves us both equally and to know that we are both just as important in her life.

Mummy bring!

Letitia had a poo poo accident in school today. She pooed in her pants while in school! The poor teacher had to wash her butt, wash her undies and put it into a plastic bag and find her a pair of pants to wear! Aiyo! The conversation between the teacher and me went something like that:

T: Your daughter pass motion! All over her panties!

I: Oh no! How?

T: I washed her. She is wearing a pair of old PE shorts from the office.

I: Letitia why didn't you tell the teacher you needed to go to the toilet?

L: Mummy bring! Teacher not today! (translated to adult langauge: I only want mummy to bring me to the toilet, I don't want the teacher to bring me!)

T: But her poo poo was very nice. Not hard not soft!

I: Errr....okay...thanks.

T: Remember to bring the pants back after you washed it.

I: Okay. Thanks again!

I am sooo glad I am not a pre-school teacher. I don't think I can deal with the poo poo of someone else's kid. But I am eternally grateful to Lin "Lao Shi" for not letting her sit on her poo and washing her up.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

33 months and finally potty trained!!!!

Today is another great day. I achieved another mile stone.

Letitia my 33 month old daughter is finally potty trained. She finally decided TODAY that she wants to pee pee like everyone else in a potty or toilet. The best part of it all! She can tell you when she needs to go! WAH!

All it took was 4 days in school and she is toilet trained. I can already imagine all the money I am going to save from not having to buy diapers! Next step is to get her to drink cows milk from a cup! This formula thing is too much trouble.

Imagine how light my luggage is going to be when we head for Puket during the March school holidays. No diaper to carry no formula milk to carry. I have been waiting for this day for the last 3 years.

Hip hip Hoooray!

Friday, January 04, 2008


Letitia is feeling a little under the weather today. She is sneezing non stop. Only 3 days into the school term she is already sick. How? She choked during her nap and all her lunch came out. On to the bed, on the pillows, on the blanket and on her BEAR BEAR!

I am suppose to go out tonight to have coffee with friends that I have not met for many many years. How am I suppose to go? My baby is not feeling well.

Anyway the usual wailers in the class are still wailing today....but some of the parents are learning that the longer they stay the worse the kids are going to feel. Today only 3 parents in the class compared to the 5 yesterday. The teachers also locked the door to the classroom so that parents cannot walk in and out of the classroom. I the Stalker Mum who is loitering around the school may be asked to leave very soon.

Thank goodness its the weekend!

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Second day at school today and the WAILERS! in the class are still wailing at full throttle. They are still crying for the entire 2 hours. There are only 10 kids in Letitia's class and at any one time there are at least 5 parents in the classroom. The teachers are so overwhelmed by the screamers they have no time to attend to the non screamers. So Letitia is bored witless and wondering around doing her own thing the entire time. After about 1 hour 15 minutes. She caught a glimpse of me at the small window and her eyes turned red. She ran to the door almost in tears, "Mummy I miss you...I wanna go home!" I took her outside explained to her that the other children are crying and screaming because they are still young. I told her that she was a big girl and that I will be outside waiting for her. She said OK and went back to class.

I would be in full distress mode too if I was stuck in a room with 5 kids screaming at the top of their lungs. I am so proud of her, she handled the situation so well. The situation in the class was so bad the principal had to come and help the 2 teachers. At one point the 5 wailers were blasting off at about 500 decibels even the school cleaner had to go into their class and help control the situation.

Why do they allow parents to walk in and out of the classroom? Why do they let children who are obviously not ready for school go to school? These poor kids were so badly traumatised I think they are going to hate school for the rest of their lives. I hope things get better soon or its going to affect Letitia. The poor child has to be in a room for 2 hours with 5 kids that are emotionally and psychologically no where near being ready for school. I just don't think its right for parents to force their children to go to school.

There was this old man hitting his grand child on the face with a towel saying, "You so useless! You are such an embarrassment! You so useless! Stop crying!" The poor child was standing there crying and crying and crying like his dog just died. He literally had to be lifted of the ground and pushed into the classroom by force. He was kicking and yelling and screaming....aiyo......so sad....how can they do things like that. It's not right! My heart aches when I see things like that happening right in front of my eyes. But what can I do?????

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

No more cry baby

Today my baby started school. She took her first steps on a 20 year journey of formal education. A journey to be educated academically and hopefully gain knowledge and wisdom along the way.

As she embarks on this journey I will be with her each step of the way. Holding her hands and guiding her through. I do not wish for her to be First in class. I do not require her to score the highest marks. I want her to enjoy her journey. I want it to to be filled with things that she loves and enjoys. I will do everything within my means to ensure that she will never ever find school a chore. There will be days when she will be made to learn things she does not like or there will be times when she will not fully comprehend what is being taught to her. She will feel discouraged, she will feel bored, she may even be uninterested. It's OK and there is nothing wrong with being bored or uninterested because only will she realise what she is passionate about. At the end of the day, it's people you care about and love that matters most. More importantly its the good that you do in life that will carry you through. All the things that you accumulate or money that you make will never define you as a person.

In my eyes she is already a winner. She did not shed a tear today even when others in her class were screaming the roof down. She was composed, confident, self assured and polite. She played by herself when the teachers were too busy attending to other children. Today I felt like a really proud parent. Proud that all the time, effort and sacrifices that I made has reaped its rewards in the form of a well adjusted, polite and confident child. I hope that as she grows as an individual, I will be a strong enough influence on her so that she can develop spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally and socially into a well rounded person.

So here is to a great first in school and many more to come!