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Friday, April 30, 2010

Facebook Etiquette

I really need to get it off my chest....so here goes!

Oh for crying out loud, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it. You don't have have to comment on every post that appears on your news feed. Most of the time people are not really interested in your opinion if it's not nice. So if you disagree with something you see, you should just move on to the next line. But if you really feel the need to say something because you are feeling offended by the content. Please try and say it in a politically correct manner that will not embarrass the writer, especially if the contend wasn't offensive to begin with but it just rubbed you the wrong way. Having said all these, yes you can joke and have fun because people are not stupid. They know when you are are just goofing around and won't take it to heart.

Please keep it short, you are not writing an essay. I've seen comments that are 4 paragraphs long. You know you've written too much when your comments have a little arrow that says "read more". It means your comment got truncated because it would take up too much space on the news feed.

Also you don't have to relate your life story and experiences to the world whenever you read something that is close to your heart. Most people don't give 2 horses arse what you did 5 years ago over and over and over again. Enough already with the "......it happened to me too and you know if you do this, this will happen and this was how i got over it and now i have no regrets cos i am glad that i did that blah blah blah.......on and on and on over and over over again." You relate it once great, but hello! 75 times over the last 12 months????

You have no moral authority over people so save the lectures and speeches. Unless you really mean well, off course you if really meant well you could privately send that person a message.

Somethings are best left unknown. Leave out details that will let the entire world you have no money, poor and cannot afford most things in life.....it's not something you should be bragging about or if you had a fight with your husband. Sigh!

OK off my chest....feeling better.

Have a great weekend. :-)

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Joeleen Low said...

Kekeke ... when the mischevious little one has gone to school, I think you'd be able to have some time for yourself. I agree with much of what is written here, there must be some form of etiquette. Take life by the lighter handle :)