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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Happiness and Me

If happiness is something that someone gives you, it also means that happiness can be taken away from you. However if happiness is something you give yourself, you will be a happy person. Off course I am not saying that you will never feel other emotions like anger and sadness. But rather you will be able to walk with a bounce in your gait and wake up feeling life is great.

Happiness starts from being happy about smallest things in life. Sounds too simple.

Happiness is a state of mind that reflects your perspective on life. It is not to be confused with the feeling you get when you purchase something and the sudden rush of endorphin that surges through your brain which is mostly temporal.

I have decided that I will be a happy person and I give thanks for everything that I have. But the key for me to happiness is the removal of resentment. Resentment can eat you alive. It can destroy you.

It took me 36 years to realise that I if I resent others for my situation in life, I will forever be miserable.

Happiness to me is the knowing that I have someone to count on and rely on what I am feeling down. I do not dwell on our differences and I look forward to making up after a fight. But the most amazing thing is I don't expect him to change one bit not for me not for anyone else.

Happiness to me is having great friends to share special moments, I celebrate our diverse personalities and accept them with all their idiosyncrasies and respect their way of life.

Happiness is waking up and knowing that my children loves me and needs me, yet I also look forward to the day where they are independent and ready to take flight.

Happiness is looking forward into the future even though I have no idea what it brings, embracing it one day at a time. Good or bad I know I will learn something from it.

Happiness is being at peace with myself and accepting me for who I am, knowing my limitations and recognising my flaws as a human being.

Happiness is knowing that I am responsible for my own Happiness and I have what it takes to sustain me when everything else fails.

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